Must Know Tips for Hair Growth!

Tips for Hair Growth

Must Know Tips for Hair Growth!

There are a lot of crazy hair hacks and tips that promise long hair. Most of these hacks fall into two categories, either they sound too weird and unfamiliar, or they are conventional hacks that we have heard like a hundred times and are tired of following them. But out of all odds, there are some simple hacks that we never bother to listen to. This is because your hair issues are tough and never ending but these tips are simple and too straight to follow. Now, this is why your hair doesn’t want to grow. Tough problems might not always have tough solutions. So here are some of the simple tips that can solve your hair problems and make it grow long.

Tips for Hair Growth

Some of the hair hacks that you should know that helps your hair grow long.

Give your hair some rest:

Give your hair some respect. Do not heat your hair and use a lot of chemical products to beautify them. This will decrease the strength of your hair and will weaken the roots of the strands. Also, reduce the frequency of your hair wash cycle. Make sure that you do not take a head bath without giving a four-day break.

Cut your hair often:

Yes you heard it right. Remember the number of days in between and make sure that you trim your hair at least once in two months. This will help your hair grow better and avoid split ends. Also, the pore in your head secretes oil that is very much required for proper hair growth. Washing your hair too often can prevent this secretion.

Oil your head frequently:

Scalp is where your hair strands take their required energy from. So keep them moisturized and healthy. Keeping this root portion healthy will keep the hair from breaking and reduce the amount of hair fall. A healthy scalp is a symbol of healthy hair.

Keep an eye on food habits:

You food habits and diet patterns can influence the growth of your hair. Make sure to include food that is rich in vitamin content, preferably during the early hours of the day where your body can absorb the total energy that the food provides and spread it throughout the body.

Understand your hair:

Talk to your hair and understand what your hair needs. Not all of us have the same type of hair. All of us have different types of hair beginning from texture, length, strength, and density. So the hair treatment that you carry out should match the quality of your hair. If your process doesn’t match, it will damage the quality of your hair.


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